Novembertalks 2021 – Update

Due to the cooperation between Ute Schneider, head of the Research Unit for Urban Design, and the STO Foundation, we are pleased to announce that the Novembertalks will take place in Vienna for the first time since their launch in 2006.

Hereby, Vienna adds to a list of cities, such as Stuttgart, Venice, Paris, Prague and London, offering a program with exciting reports on the work of renowned architects regarding contemporary architecture throughout November.

Therefore, the Research Unit for Urban Design is delighted to invite you to this year’s Novembertalks 2021.
The events will be broadcast live on the STO Foundation’s Youtube Channel (

The events will be held on every tuesday, throughout November, at 7pm CET.

09.11.2021  Lina Streeruwitz und Bernd Vlay I StudioVlayStreeruwitz I Wien
16.11.2021  Dominic Papa I Studio Woodroffe Papa I London
30.11.2021  Alberto Veiga I Barozzi Veiga I Barcelona
07.12.2021  Olga Aleksakova I buromoscow  I Moskau

The Research Unit for Urban Design is looking forward to your attendance!