Guest Lecture by Carlos Leite

The Research Unit Urban Design as well as the Research Center New Social Housing are happy to announce the guest lecture „Designing Social Urbanism“ by Carlos Leite.

Carlos Leite, PhD, is an Architect and Urbanist, Professor at Mackenzie University in São Paulo, international lecturer and author of the “ Social Urbanism Guide„.

The lecture „Connecting the dots – people and inclusionary territories“ will present the recent work „Social Urbanism Guide“: a menu of themes, challenges and proposals usually dispersed in the different public policies and sectorial actions that must be integrated and territorialized through innovative processes of urban design in rapidly tranforming cities in Latin America, the transition peripheries.

The lecture will take place on Tuesday, 02.05.2023 18:00, at the Seminarraum Argentinierstraße.

We look forward to a large attendance!
Team STB and New Social Housing!